A Red, White, and Blue Family Reunion

What do you have when you mix summer time and a holiday? The perfect recipe for family reunions. Select a destination like Historic Nauvoo and you have the ideal setting to capture unforgettable images of family get-togethers.

That’s what happened when Ray brought his family together from all around the country for a family reunion in old Nauvoo. Family photos began taking shape on the steps of the Nauvoo Temple then moved down the to the flats and Lucy Mack Smith’s yard where it was once again filled with the laughter and merriment of little children.

Decked out in festive red, white, and blue (with the littlest girls sporting stars and stripes), we had a blast getting to know the family, seeing their love for one another, and enjoying yet another fun-filled morning in old Nauvoo.

Aren’t cousins always the cutest……

….and yes, the boys loved climbing the tree for a photo.

The fun of listening to your voice echo…..

The oldest grand kids were cool……and got even cooler at a moment’s notice.

A relaxing mother-daughter moment……

We lost them when the horse drawn wagon went by……

To Ray and family: What a wonderful family you have. We had so much fun working with you….actually it didn’t even feel like work! Thanks for letting us be part of the family for a short while and enjoying your laughter, love, and zest for life.

All the Best!

Tom and Jeanette

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Who is Photographer Tom Simpson?

…..or What Motivates Him to Create Such Fabulous Images???

nauvoo il tom simpson photography photo of father and sonAt the essence of what motivates Tom’s photographic work is this little black-and-white 2″ x 2″ photograph of himself as a baby with his father. His parents were not into photography so there are very few photos of the family in existence  taken during those early years. Tragically his dad passed away when Tom was only five and this is the only known photograph he has of himself with his dad.

So when Tom is out shooting a session with a family having a reunion, a beautiful wedding, missionary memories or children’s shots, etc.,  he always keeps this in the back of his mind because he knows how valuable photographs can be in the future to a family.

He kind of has an obsession with making sure he gets the right shot, the right sense of a person’s personality, that one “hero” shot that you will look at in 3, 5, 10 or 30 years down the road and exclaim, “I’m so happy we had these photos done!”.

Tom has a lot of fun during photo shoots and knows how to bring out the very best in people. At the same time, knowing what he knows about the importance of capturing that one fleeting moment in time, he takes the technical and artistic side of his art rather seriously…..in a happy, sometimes crazy and playful way of course!

Hmmm……now you know a little bit more about the man behind the camera and why he’s so good at what he does.

Welcome to Tom Simpson Photography

Thought about opening our first blog post by saying, “Introducing Tom Simpson Photography”…..but since we’ve been around for a while I thought Welcome was more fitting.

As a matter of fact, Tom has been around quite a while with camera in hand photographing people, places, and events, just under a different business name—Focal-Point Photography (see that work here).

We thought it was time to simplify things a bit, so we changed the business name to one more memorable—Tom’s name—and easier to spell (ever tried to spell out a website address like “focal dash point photography” so people know how to find you?!)

We also changed the website design and added a blog (how’s that for simplifying?) as a quick, yet fun way to share his latest photo shoots with our clients and their friends, plus post a few opinions and ideas about the evolving field of photography.

So, thanks for joining us and……welcome to Tom Simpson Photography!

sunset by nauvoo photographer tom simpson