We know this is the ABOUT page but what you really want to know is....
"Why should I trust you to be my photographer?"
We actually answer that question on our FAQ's page but before you go there,
here's a little about us (in case you really do want to know!).
nauvoo weddings photographer tom simpson
jeanette simpson interior designer


....never leaves home without camera bag in hand. He sees the world through a camera lens, recording moments that become your fondest memories.

....is the creative vision behind the camera. He has an incredible eye for framing a shot, catchng the essence of your personality, and making everyone feel at ease during the shoot. (and yes, some of his jokes are corny but they will make you smile!).

....is a trained professional whose talent goes way beyond snapshots taken by your best friend or Uncle Bob. Actually, Tom's impromptu snapshots are as amazing as his planned shots.


....has learned that every day is a photo-op day. She understands when Tom stops the car along the roadside, in moments he will be out trekking across a field or up a hill and she knows he will capture something unique and beautiful to share with the world.

....is the business wheels. Jeanette keeps everything in line from your contracts to reminders to appointments to orders. She is the answer guru for your paperwork and ultra-organized.

....loves being married to a photographer. She has the most fabulous family photo gallery!